Restoring Wisconsin’s Environmental Heritage

John supports a revitalized Department of Natural Resources to protect our natural resources and ensure clean air and clean water for all citizens.

To balance economic development with protection of natural resources, John will support the innovative policies, technologies and infrastructure we need to be a leader in clean renewable energy, more equitable development, sustainable communities, and green urbanism -- an economic climate that attracts well-paying, accessible jobs, reduces social/economic disparities, and honors the state’s conservation heritage.

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Protecting Women’s Rights and Equal Rights for All of Our Citizens

John supports equal pay for women and a woman’s right to choose and will work to advance policies that are pro-woman, pro-family and protect access to comprehensive reproductive health care, family planning, and education.

John also supports equal rights for all of our citizens, regardless of sexual orientation.  We need to protect marriage equality and ensure LGBTQ couples have the same rights and legal status as everyone else.

Intolerance is bad for business. The Trump Muslim Ban will hurt our economy and ability to attract and retain talent. Let’s move beyond the rhetoric and policies that target immigrants, refugees and people of all faiths - and vote blue Wisconsin!

Revitalizing the University of Wisconsin and the “Wisconsin Idea”

John will defend the UW System from further cuts and will work to provide a stronger funding commitment to higher education by the State.  We need to maintain the quality of programs and make prudent investments to retain high-quality faculty and staff and ensure our world-class university remains accessible to all.  A revitalized "Wisconsin Idea" will position the state to better attract and retain talent, address an aging workforce, and provide the high-road opportunities for graduates to achieve a higher quality of life and a more prosperous Wisconsin.

Reducing Gun Violence

John will work to pass common-sense reforms to end gun violence, including:
• Mandatory universal background checks
• An assault weapons ban
• A ban on aftermarket devices (bump stocks) that modify guns into a rapid-fire weapon
• Keep people who are subject to red flags or domestic protection orders from having guns

John will also work to ensure responsible gun ownership, including requirements to secure firearms with locks and safes to prevent unauthorized use, and limits on ammunition magazine sizes.

Supporting Teachers and our Public Schools

John will support our teachers and public schools and will be dedicated to the education, well-being, and success of our children. We need more equitable school funding that provides funds to schools with low-income students, restores funding for special education, reduces class sizes and promotes the hiring of support staff including counselors, social workers, school nurses and other professionals to help students succeed.  John is opposed to Wisconsin’s private school voucher program but does support the taxpayers’ right to know how much property taxes increased to fund private education.

High-Road Workplace

We need an economy that works for everyone and provides a livable fair wage, family-friendly benefits, work-life balance, and education and training opportunities.

Our goal should be to make the high-road workplace the norm across Wisconsin. As State Representative, John will work to make the state a model for high-road practices and provide incentives to those that adopt them and enact legislation requiring them.

John will also support increased funding for Technical Colleges to build capacity and expand high-quality education and worker training to close the Wisconsin skills gap.

Protecting Our Seniors

Our seniors and citizens with disabilities deserve a decent and affordable quality of life.  John will support:

Affordable health care and a "public option" as well as prescription drug reform legislation that addresses skyrocketing costs and the devastating opioid epidemic.

School Funding Reform to provide property tax relief for seniors.

Legislation to create Regional Transit Authorities to provide more efficient and cost-effective transit systems for seniors, low-income families and improve on our ability to attract and retain workers.

Vital services like Senior Care.

Protecting Voter’s Rights and End Gerrymandering Now!

“Fighting Bob La Follette” underscored the need for an open and competitive primary so voters have a direct say on who should represent them in the legislature, I will support a nonpartisan approach to redistricting based on the successful model in Iowa that draws the maps in a way that is compact and contiguous. We need to move beyond the rigged outcomes that discourage candidates from seeking office and institute a more transparent process that upholds the principle of one person, one vote.


Thank you very much for your contributions to the success of our community and for your support!